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Our Mission is Unique

We Build Relationships

When you choose our company your not just paying for promotion - your starting the process of building a relationship with us. We understand that the current landscape of the music industry has countless artists and music brands feeling left out because of the lack of development programs and resources designed to actually help you launch and significantly grow your career. Artists primarily are left often wondering "am I on the right track, should I be doing more, what exactly should I be doing". Our goal is to break that barrier and help launch the next wave of successful artists in 2018 and beyond. 





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Tender love and care for all your music

You need us just like we need you

Your goal is to build a fan base and in order to do that you need to have your music pitched to real people. Over the years we have built an audience of die hard indie music fans who crave amazing new content from new artists daily. Our relationship comes in to play when you need to expose your music to a real audience and we decide the best portion of our audience to expose it to in order to get the best results for both of us. You wanted a new listen and potential fan - we want to keep our subscriber entertained. Each step of the promotion process is touched by human hands who ultimately decide the fate of your record. Our job is to facilitate the passage of your content to our audience. See some of the ways we get your music in front of our network of listeners below!

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We submit your soNG TO Popular MUSIC BLOGS


we send an email blast to our audience

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We add your music to popular playlists



Discovery is our forte here at Artist Sounds and we have the tools and the resources you need to get heard by real people. We accept a variety of mixtapes for promotion on platforms like Spinrilla, Live Mixtapes, DatPiff among others. Select the button below to submit your mixtape using a package that fits your budget and your goal.



A great testing ground for artists

We love mixtapes

As an artist a mixtape is a great tool to use as a testing ground. Learn more about what type of music listeners in your genre like most from you. You can effectively build an audience by following this method: release a mixtape of about 10 songs and promote your butt off. Once you have promoted for about 30-60 days go back to the tape and determine which four songs people enjoyed the most. Take those four songs and put together an EP with it and distribute it to Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, Google Play and every popular music streaming platform you can think of. You'll be making money off your music in no time.


  YouTube  promo

A visual can be one of the most dramatic and engaging ways to expose a new record to a potential fan. Our engagement rate for videos sent through our audience is off the charts. If you have a high quality video submit it to us using one of our packages that fit your budget and your goal




Artist Development Program 

It's time someone took the time to work with the underdeveloped artist. They don't call us the home of the underdog for no reason!


Teamwork makes the dream work

Our Partners

Our unique partnerships that we have acquired over the years has allowed us to not only improve our services, increase our network of real people but has given artists a one stop resource for all of their music marketing needs. We have helped several artists reach the next level with our help and when they reach back out to us they always thank us for taking them seriously and promise to stay in touch (many do). We take everything we do here seriously especially your music. Learn more about our partners!




We are proud to be partnered with Juss Russ Digital Marketing who have allowed us to increase our network of real listeners through our unique partnership. Their expertise in digital music marketing is second to none in this industry.


We are proud to be partnered with BTRU Entertainment who have allowed us to present an artist development program that is unlike any other we've seen. This group is committed and offers many opportunities for independent artists.



Check out the latest songs submissions and artists on the rise by keeping up with our blog. Each day we add new posts from artists that submit to our music blog or are featured on our site. Find the best new artist or keep up with artists you know & what’s new