music website designer
Professional Website Design

If you do a 'google search' for a successful musician or music brand you will most certainly notice a link to their official music website. So you might say 'well since they have one, I guess I need one too'. You would be correct in this way of thinking but do you really understand why a professional music website is important and deemed necessary? It's because of monetization. You can't make money online or sell your merchandise without a website set up for ecommerce. Even if people aren't buying yet, a smart music business or musician will have multiple ways of possibly making money whether it be digital downloads for sale or merchandise such as clothing and jewelry among other things.

music blog submission
Submit Your Music To Blogs

One of the best ways to get 'real traffic' from human listeners in the United States market is with a submission to a targeted, reputable and genre-related music blog. A music blog submission increases your credibility due to the fact that it garners more trust from music fans who would rather discover your sound from a resource they trust. Get a quality review for any sound on Soundcloud, YouTube, Spinrilla, iTunes, Spotify, Tidal and more with a song submission to targeted and reputable indie music blogs.

real social media engagement
Real Social Media Engagement

In 2017 top social media sites like Twitter and Instagram have paved the way for opportunities to make it easier to get in front of your target audience. A musician needs more exposure and with real social media engagement you can get the boost you need. The professionals use strategic advertisement structures for their posts designed to instantly get them in front of more people. The quicker you collect engagement after making a post, the more likely sites like Instagram and Twitter will deem your post (high quality) therefore making it available and visible to more people. We harnessed this technology and put it in the hands of indie artists for increased exposure.

real music promotion services
Real Music Promotion Services

When it comes to marketing your music it is so important to get in front of real people. The truth is when you buy fake services your missing out on all the things that a real person would do had they discovered your music in an organic way (like a blog submission) or email blast or social media share. Real people will hear a song and then go check for a music video or search your artist name on Apple Music and Spotify and even look for lyrics to your single to share with their friends appropriately. Get the benefits of real music promotion that gets your sounds in front of real people based in the United States.