When it comes to branding your music artist online you first need to develop a digital marketing strategy. Music artist branding consists of things like showing up for your artist name on popular search engines like Google but more importantly making your brand available on key resources used by potential fans, listeners and future customers. Resources like Soundcloud, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Google Play and iTunes. Branding your music artist takes a consistent effort and goal setting. Branding your songs and artist online is what sets the majority of entertainers and music artists apart and is an integral piece in developing an audience online versus going the route of leading several promotional campaigns to a fake or non existent audience. 

Branding Your Artist

Your Google Music Artist Resume

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Branding Your Songs

Requires Effective Real Song Promotion Campaigns

Branding your music
Branding your songs

Imagine your artist were to become an overnight viral sensation tomorrow but their songs are available on places like Soundcloud, Itunes & Spotify or maybe you have no videos up yet on YouTube. This lack of branding leads to potential fans looking for your content but not finding it. It will also lead to missed sales opportunity due to a lack of having properly monetized music online. Having a music website, getting featured on popular websites or blogs, having music for sale & being on top sites like YouTube and Soundcloud will boost traffic leading to a better optimized brand on platforms like Google.


Artist Branding Packages

Music Artist Branding Pro

  • Access to a marketing manager
  • 24 hour email support
  • Payment includes promotion
  • Includes free consultation
  • Budget goes towards services


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Artist Branding

Music Artist Branding Elite

  • Includes all perks from PRO
  • Includes digital distribution
  • Payment includes website design
  • Includes free consulation
  • Budget goes towards services


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Music Branding Packages

Music Branding Platinum

  • Includes all perks from Elite
  • Includes music monetization
  • Includes website design
  • Includes free consultation
  • Search Engine Optimization


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Terms and Conditions

With these packages you will receive access to an Artist Sounds manager with industry knowledge who will assist you with growing your brand online. You will be contacted by phone for a free phone consultation by your new mentor. This is a great time for your campaign manager to get to know more about your brand and your short term as well as long term goals and suggest which services should be rendered with your budget. Your manager will discuss a strategy and action plan that will be implemented in order to grow your brand quickly over the next 30 days. All packages last 30 days.