J Kellz - Check

Check by J Kellz

J Kellz shares a new song called Check and Artist Sounds got the scoop on it. J Kellz puts his spin to the new trending single by Young Thug called Check. J Kellz demands "where the check at," in his remix and even shows off his melodic capabilities in this "singers version" to the song Check. After just releasing his smash hit remix to Madonna by Drake, J Kellz has done it again with Check. Fans can't help but keep J Kellz on repeat leaving us all wondering when the next original single by the artist will release.

Quotable Lyrics

She just hit my phone said she on the way, Met her at her home, wasn't trying to wait, No check, No Strong, I ain't trying to lay, Said she need a loan, got the dome now I'm outta here, Boa I ain't the one, you know better, I met her and made her drop you forever - J Kellz

You can download this song on ilovekellz.com.

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