J Kellz - Hennessy

Hennessy by J Kellz

J Kellz lays some bomb vocals to a song by Dej Loaf called "U, Me and Hennessy." J Kellz has been on quite a roll lately with his viral remixes to popular singles and it's been leaving his fans craving an original song from him. J Kellz has an exceptional voice and one may even say angelic like for it's airy-ness making every one of his releases a well polished and ear friendly experience. J Kellz is currently preparing to drop a new single soon called Learning, so stay tuned to our exclusive updates on J Kellz who is certainly an artist to watch out for.

Quotable Lyrics

Think its your turn tonight, Girl you gone learn tonight Roll on your body, its me you and her tonight Lets all make love tonight, just trust your judgement I know that you’re feeling me, think its gone get to me Somehow your body’s affecting me mentally Don’t wanna exit, wrap your legs round my neck we’re connected - J Kellz

You can download this song on ilovekellz.com.

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