17 CVNDLES x Master (Video)

Watch the Master (Video) by 17 CVNDLES on Artist Sounds.  Okay folks, there's a very thin line between weird, crazy, and just outright insane. Having said that, I didn't really know what to expect when I clicked on the link for the 17 CVNDLE's Master (Official Video). A solid ten seconds into the video I could tell that these guys (or girls) are not your average everyday kids trying to get some overnight  internet attention. Visually, this project is a must see. The way 17 CVNDLES portrayed the sounds being produced by the 808s and synths as the track started as an eerie, almost scary lullaby then transforming into a electronic EDM-style banger sure to get any party cracking in a heartbeat. Check out the video, and be sure to follow 17 CVNDLES on YouTube.

Braxton Harshawmusic video