301 Rapture - Wait, off my chest

301 rapture

Check out Wait, off my chest by 301 Rapture on Artist Sounds! 301 Rapture is a rapper based in Orlando, Florida. Known for being honest about his own life and dealing with topics most people avoid, Rapture tackles issues like depression, suicide, PTSD, love, and relationships in his work. Blending his deep-rooted love for hiphop and a profound understanding of life in his own unique way, 310 Rapture is an up-and-coming artist ready for his big break. His latest track, Wait, off my chest, is Rapture's way of dealing with multiple pulls in his life. It jumps from topic to topic, always carrying the underlying conflict between idealism and practicality. Give it a listen on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for more of 301 Rapture's work.

Shruti Singapurrap