410DK - Into You

Take a listen to “Into You” by 410DK on Artist Sounds. 410DK has been on the up and up so far this year and looks to keep things moving with the release of his new single “Into You”. The record dropped on AudioMack making it accessible for free by anyone who wants to tap in, so don’t hesitate! “Into You” is sonically more melodic than some of the songs you would typically hear from 410DK. He’s normally the type of emcee that focuses on his bars and lets his flow do the talking. This time around he caters to the ladies and shows a more open and sensitive side which serves well seeing as to how women are the primary taste makers for music in the Hip-Hop industry. Hearing him do this not only proves his versatility but also lets you know he can do whatever he wants to do in terms of his sound and still stay true to himself. Follow 410DK on AudioMack to dive into his sound and familiarize yourself with the up and comer. Listen to “Into You” now by 410DK on Artist Sounds.

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