410DK - Ridin

Back again with another single to keep his name ringing bells is up and coming emcee 410DK. Stream his new single “Ridin” now on Artist Sounds. 410DK decided to keep the pace at a high level following the release of his last single “Into You” with the official release of his lead single “Ridin”. This track is a smooth ride through the mind of 410DK as he riddles and rhymes his way over top of this Hip-Hop instrumental. Once again proving his versatility and ability to sway from lane to lane sonically, he shifts the vibe and gives you a more lyrical and intricate performance this time around. It’s this ability to adjust to various soundscapes that separates 410DK from the pack in regards to his competition on the indie scene. It doesn’t matter what type of sound you want, he can deliver in a way that is authentic and relatable for all. Follow 410DK on AudioMack if you really want to stay on his wave. He drops frequently so don’t miss out! Stream “Ridin” by 410DK now on Artist Sounds.

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