812 STO - FTC (Produced by WHOISPDP)

812 sto.JPG

Check out this new song from 812 STO called FTC on Artist Sounds. 812 STO makes his debut on to our platform with a hot new record that highlights a touch subject. FTC stands for "Fuck The Club" and 812 STO shows no mercy when it comes to people asking him where his hits at. It's safe to say that in many local communities the party promoters and the dj's play favorites when it comes to which artists they decide to expose to their audience of club-goers. If each local community had a devoted group of talent-seekers who also happened to be party promoters and dj's who show no favoritism (more of the best artists) would get discovered. Instead it's politics and constantly thinking of trying to write a radio friendly hit. 812 STO is fresh and he says forget that and forget trying to please people and especially FTC. Stream new songs from this artist by connecting with him on his official SoundCloud page.