BTRU Entertainment presents: A Cure For Wellness (Mixtape)

btru entertainment mixtape cover art

It's been almost a year since the crew released some new music and after hearing their latest project (released June of 2017) we can say we aren't the least bit disappointed. The new mixtape "A Cure For Wellness", features just ten tracks but flows in a seductive manner that will keep any true hiphop/rnb/soul music fan hanging on every word. From start to finish this project has the potential to top their most popular project to date known as "What A Time To Be Alive In Kentucky". The 'What A Time To Be Alive In Kentucky" project showcased a few now 'rising stars' at their ultimate youth which happened to be a refreshing debut for all who participated. Ever since, BTRU Entertainment has been on a mission connecting talented artists and entertainment brands to major music opportunities. Just recently a producer who worked with BTRU Entertainment known then as (Phinesse The Beat) went on to produced about 9 songs on the billboard chart ranking project from Bryson Tiller known as "True To Self". Now known simply as NES, the team continues to prove that have the juice when it comes to exposing and grouping together talent. Their new project "A Cure For Wellness" features songs and appearances from the following artists:

  • Frost Vegas - Salt / Jamaica
  • Chase Heinze - FUFN / Focused
  • Brxtn - Work / Wake Em Up
  • Khalid Knight - Island
  • Jeames - Young Stoner Love
  • Alan Love - What's Love
  • Trey C - Pony

Take some time to run through the project; its worth every listen. We wouldn't be surprised if a few of the artists mentioned get their big break thanks to such an impressive mixtape. Let this be 'A Cure For Wellness' when you feel as though your goals are out of reach and remember that no goal, passion or dream is too big or far-fetched. Like Nike "Just Do It".