A Breezy - Lovin' You (Video)

Watch the video for Lovin' You by A Breezy on Artist Sounds! A Breezy is a hip-hop artist from West Virginia. She combines east coast, old-school hip-hop with jazzy pop-inspired flavors for a combination that is as unique as she is. No one would expect this girl-next-door with the Appalachian accent to be the author of such intricate flips and day-long runs, but A Breezy is proving all the haters wrong. Her latest project, Lovin' You, is a collaboration with Quie, and tells the story of unrequited lust. The video parallels the teasing lyrical content, with Breezy delivering tempting yet innocent content, leaving listeners wishing the song was just a little longer. Check out the video for Lovin' You on YouTube today!