AftrTheSho - Kold


Check out Kold by AftrTheSho on Artist Sounds! AftrTheSho is based in Oshawa, Ontario. A collective group made up of Tyler 'Bizznes' Noel and Ronnie 'Wavz' Johnstone, AftrTheSho is a new player on the Oshawa rap scene, cementing their unique sound and making a name for themselves. Their latest release, Kold, is a loud, in-your-face trap-inspired hit. Perfect to wake you up on a long drive or pump you up, Kold seamlessly blends the two artists' individual sounds. The floor-rattling kick bass, catchy chorus, and fun verses make Kold an instant hit, and proves that there are only good things in store for AftrTheSho. Give Kold a listen on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for more of AftrTheSho's work.

Shruti Singapurrap