Alex Manrique - Girl Next Door

Alex Manrique

Watch the official video to "Girl Next Door" by Alex Manrique on Artist Sounds. Alex Manrique is a spanish pop-rock singer/musician looking to make a name for himself with his debut single "Girl Next Door" that he shared on Youtube for his fans. His song "Girl Next Door" was inspired by a girl that lived next door to him but because of insecurities he never went up to the girl and said something be he felt as if she was "too pretty" for him. He has always had a passion for music which is what also inspired him to continue pursuing his dreams and start putting his talents to the test. Sometimes he finds just sitting down and playing his piano or guitar for hours because that's what he loves to do and he believes every person should follow their dreams. Alex Manrique would love for all of his loyal fans to go connect with him on his website to see his latest photos, watch his latest videos and stream his latest songs.