Anne Dereaux - LMLY (Dj Snake, Justin Bieber) Female Cover

anne dereaux lmly

Check out LMLY (Dj Snake, Justin Bieber) Female Cover by Anne Dereaux on Artist Sounds! Anne Dereaux is a vocalist from Nashville, TN. After being half of the pop duo Dead Right, Dereaux moved on to become a solo artist and is currently working on her debut EP, Book of Lolita. Dereaux is working alongside renowned producers including Trakmatik and Reo, and Book of Lolita is one of this summer's most-anticipated releases. LMLY is a cover of the original track by DJ Snake and Justin Bieber, and Dereax lends her captivating vocals to the hit song to give it a whole new twist. Give LMLY a listen on SoundCloud today, and keep an eye out for more of Anne Dereaux's work.