Anne Dereaux - MO(U)RNING

Anne Dereaux

Listen to MO(U)RNING by Anne Dereaux on Artist Sounds. Anne Dereaux debuts “MO(U)RNING,” her first single as a solo artist. From her upcoming EP, Book of Lolita, set to release this spring. Book of Lolita is a chance Anne Dereaux is taking on herself. Hailing from Nashville, and now based in Los Angeles, Anne Dereaux started writing music seven years ago, with it beginning as one of her creative outlets, alongside architectural designs and poetry. Two years ago, while performing as half of the pop duo, Dead Right, a series of pivotal moments -- including seeing a California sunset for the first time ever despite living there for years -- led Anne Dereaux to turn her passion into a full-time career. Connect with this emerging artist on her SoundCloud to hear more hits!