Annie Lee Evans - River (Video)

Watch the official video for River by Annie Lee Evans on Artist Sounds. Annie Lee Evans is a very talented Country/Pop artist from the United Kingdom. The song “River” was originally sung by Bishop Briggs and was written by Ian Brendon Scott, Sarah Grace McLaughlin and Mark Andress Jackson. The song is about a flawed relationship, but not being able to resist each other regardless of their issues. It shows frustration with not being shown they are loved but only told. This song is expressing that concept of if you really love someone you will show it. A distraught person is asking their lover to demonstrate their love even though their relationship seems to be up and down. Annie Lee Evans did her own version of this song slowing down the tempo and lowering the key from the original, as well as creating a more acoustic vibe with acoustic guitar and drums that were created acoustically but made to sound more synthesized. Within the chorus she added harmonies using different parts of her voice. Annie Lee’s video was filmed in Eastbourne, England at a location called Beachy Head. The dramatic setting matched the depth of this song, a beautiful scene but also potential to be disastrous demonstrated by the harsh winds in the video matching the intent of the song that love can be beautiful but also lead to adversity. Annie Lee’s version was produced by James Heath and Annie Lee Evans.  For more Annie Lee Evans, check her out on YouTube.