Area 51 Music Group - I Wanna

Area 51 Music Group

Listen to I Wanna by Area 51 Music Group on Artist Sounds! It is extremely scarce that you come an artist, let alone a group of them, that makes you feel excited to listen 10 seconds into a song you have yet to hear. But with Area 51 Music Group, that's exactly what is bound to occur. They will most certainly have you covered on all aspects of a billboard top 100 list with their brand new single I Wanna. With I Wanna, the term chart topper is Damn near an insult. The hook is inescapable, the lyrics will make you rave for so much more, the production is supreme, and Area 51 is an overall group of artists that will definitely be making an impact on radios and music playlists across the nation, possibly even globe. 

Vinny Hughesrap, hiphop