Ateo Feo - Knock Knock

Stream “Knock Knock” by Ateo Feo on Artist Sounds. Back with another jam to feed his already avid fanbase is up and coming Pop sensation, Ateo Feo. Feo decided to drop his new single entitled “Knock Knock” recently on Spotify and has been getting a lot of love online via social media upon its initial release. Sonically, “Knock Knock” is the perfect representation of the vibe and artistic flavor Ateo Feo likes to comprise his music of. It carries a funky baseline that keeps the groove going smoothly throughout the song and also features some very impressive guitar riffs from Feo himself that an edgy aspect to the soundscape. Subject wise, this record is all about kicking down the door of opportunity and capitalizing on whatever situation awaits you on the other side. Ateo Feo has been in this game for a little while now, doing his thing independently and carving his own space in the world of Pop music. It seems that at this point in his career he is right on the cusp of leaking himself to a larger demographic and seeing a major shift in his popularity, exposure, and the attention being show to his movement. Follow Ateo Feo now on Spotify to hear more music and dig deeper into what the young phenom has prepared for you in the near future. Stream “Knock Knock” by Ateo Feo on Artist Sounds now.

Tiana Malonepop