Ay_P - Promise Land


Listen to Promise Land by Ay_P on Artist Sounds! 21 year old hip hop lyricist Ay_P is guaranteed to be the next huge lyrical storyteller in hip hop. Even with only a total of 3 tracks under his belt, his flows and words will remind you of all the top lyricists today. This Tampa, Florida artists new track, Promise Land, is one track you will latch on to as a classic. He only wishes to be considered with the greats in the hip hop genre, and with the track Promise Land, he can certainly be added to the argument. His promising verbiage is absolutely crazy, and his delivery is perfectly in sync with the production by TroohHippi. Ay_P throws all the marbles on the table and delivers an incredibly refreshing masterpiece. Connects and stream more on SoundCloud.

Vinny Hughesrap