Baljeet Da M.C. - No Cappin

Take a listen to the new single, “No Cappin” by Baljeet Da M.C. on Artist Sounds. Baljeet Da M.C. is here to play no games as he release a banging new Hip-Hop track entitled “No Cappin”. This song is all about exposing the frauds and their frivolous behavior when out on the scene! Some people just insist of fronting about their lifestyle, money, clothes, etc. Regardless, Baljeet Da M.C. isnt having it and let’s you know with passion and conviction on this record. I look forward to his releases because he always brings something fresh to the table and isn’t afraid to be different. Take some time to get use to the artist known as Baljeet Da M.C. , he’s going to be around for a while. Follow Baljeet Da M.C. on SoundCloud to check out more from his catalog. Listen to “No Cappin” now by Baljeet Da M.C. on Artist Sounds.

Tiana Malonehiphop