BIGCHAOS - Thuggin

Take a listen to “Thuggin” by BIGCHAOS on Artist Sounds. BIG CHAOS is one of the most highly anticipated Hip-Hop artists on the indie scene right now, and his new record entitled “Thuggin”, is not only a banger, but also a direct representation of the type of artist BIGCHAOS is. This song embodies the spirit that encourages listeners to get your money and make progress by any means necessary. Now a lot of us already know that the word “thug” can carry a negative connotation within society, but BIGCHAOS looks to give it new meaning. His new single “Thuggin” is an official anthem for those people out there that have endured the struggle and learned how to make ends meet even when there back is against the wall. If this is the type of music you enjoy, tracks with hard beats, and messages that connect to the urban audience then you definitely need to tap in to the homie BIGCHAOS. Follow BIGCHAOS on AudioMack to hear more music from the up and coming emcee. He released “Thuggin” to AudioMack, so make sure you shoot over there to download all of his songs. Listen to “Thuggin” by BIG CHAOS now on Artist Sounds.

Tiana Malonehiphop