B L N K T released "Romantic Cinema" an album for the 'Hopeless Romantics'

b l n k t

Stop what you’re doing and listen to the debut album “Romantic Cinema” by B L N K T on Artist Sounds. October 5th, 2018 sees the release of ‘Romantic Cinema’, the debut full length album by B L N K T. A collection of beautiful, hauntingly reflective and intuitive songs that dive into gorgeous musical landscapes and high into ecstatic joy by way of some of the most masterful composition techniques to date. A young nerdy kid who got goosebumps listening to the music around him crafted an album worthy of his predecessors and inspirations. Romantic Cinema is a love letter to the modern music consumer, to those that demand a higher understanding of what music really does for the soul, and with its release, B L N K T has cemented himself as one of the most prominent and hard working producers in the game.

Bursting onto the electronic music scene, B L N K T has toured Southern California and much of Colorado, landing himself on large, reputable Spotify Playlists as well as having an extensive blog and press coverage on his previous releases. In essence, B L N K T evolves with the times., the technology and demands a higher execution of the status quo, in his search and experimentation with the sonic arts, B L N K T has carved his own niche of immediately identifiable music. Catchy, lively, emotional blending of styles and instruments and musical disciplines have expanded his boundaries as a producer and allow B L N K T to use whatever color he chooses in his musical pallet. Click here to stream on Spotify or Apple Music. Or on Google Play.