Boon3 - Octave

Stop what you’re doing and check out this new production from Boon3 titled “Octave” on Artist Sounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Boon3 - he is a talented producer just looking to make good music and network with other creatives in an effort to become better. He’s eager to gain knowledge and isn’t afraid to be patient when it comes to creating his best work. He actually looks forward to the grind and what it will bring. This particular production “Octave” is a melodic record with plenty of bass and thump which instantly makes you think Hip Hop. You can easily picture a lyrical rapper hopping on this beat and tearing it to shreds. The collaboration would actually be great to see and at this time according to Boon3 he is open so definitely reach out to him if your interested!

Tiana Maloneinstrumentals