Brxtn - Tease [Album Review] 2017


  1. No L's
  2. Love
  3. Nothin' Promised
  4. Lately (Interlude)
  5. Let Me Know
  6. Obsession
  7. Things Change (Interlude)
  8. Dangerous
  9. Take My Hand
  10. Get Enough (featuring Robin Luther)

From start to finish it is safe to say that Brxtn delivers one of his most engaging projects to date in the 'Tease EP'. As soon as you press play the tone is set by the drums and melodious vocals in 'No L's', as Brxtn speaks honestly and openly about his successes, failures and the pressures of being a young dream chaser in 2017. This song speaks to me because of the fact that many artists only speak on success but never touch on the many failures it takes to achieve success. Brxtn has always been honest in his music and if you have been following his grind since the 'For Now EP', then you remember hearing a younger Brxtn dealing with the emotional rollercoaster that comes along with dating and being a college student all the while pursuing a career as an entertainer. 

'Tease', serves as the perfect addition to his story as he speaks on his current relationship status in 'Love', and picks up the tempo in the song 'Nothin Promised'. 'Nothin Promised', is another song from the project that reeks of potential chart-breaking capabilities. As Brxtn raps 'there ain't nothing promised for my n!ggas', a heavy 808 beat forces you to bop your head, flail your arms around and occassionaly flick the bird 'at no one in particular'. This record will turn heads 'remember I said that'. As the album continues Brxtn follows up the song 'Nothin Promised' with a two minute interlude titled 'Lately'. The interlude serves as a transition point as Brxtn looks to slow it back down in the next few songs on the project.

This leads us to a certified 'RnBass' banger in 'Let Me Know' and some dance hall vibes in 'Obsession'. Hands down, I love these two songs and they add a radio friendly vibe to the new project. The best part about the song 'Obsession' is that its a new sound we haven't heard before from Brxtn and truth be told he kills it! 'Let Me Know', reminds me of a song I can't quite put my finger on but it touches radio play all day. Brxtn ends the project with 4 new songs (one of which has been on Soundcloud for over a month - Dangerous) and some unheard songs in 'Things Change (Interlude), Take My Hand, and Get Enough'. The last song which is 'Get Enough' is the only track that includes a feature from another artist. Robin Luther teams up with Brxtn for the final song on a solid project from one of Kentucky's rising stars.