Cam777 - IJustBeGEEKED


Take a listen to this new record from Cam777 called 'IJustBeGEEKED', on Artist Sounds. Cam777 isn't your average Hip Hop recording artist... Mainly because he just started rapping a few days before he released this song on to the most popular music sharing platform in the world. Talk about guts! Guts is something Cam777 has a lot of considering he is a talented college football player who is taking talents not normally used on the field and applying them to a new hobby of his - music! The song 'IJustBeGEEKED', is a catchy get-hype record that you probably never would have guessed was someones 'first song ever'. Cam777 even mixed and mastered the song himself which to us normally hints at an artist in the making who could be on the verge of dropping more music in the future. Don't count Cam777 as a one hit maker - he just may follow up with something even better than the last for you to tune in to.

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