Charger - Awake


Check out Awake by Charger on Artist Sounds! Charger is a rapper from the Bay Area, California. Brought up as a drummer from a very young age, hip-hop crept into his soul by age 12, and by age 17 he was already dropping his own mixtapes. With influences ranging from J. Cole, Travis Scott, and Mac Miller to Curtis Mayfield, The Roots, and Miles Davis, Charger blends hip-hop, jazz, and trap elements to produce electrifying records. Awake is a self-produced record inspired by the energy of a mosh pit. Charger complements his cutthroat lyricism with skillful execution and hard-hitting trap drums, before bringing in a dark, ominous transition that is sure to send chills down your spine. Give Awake a listen on SoundCloud today!