Chase Heinze - Money x Time

chase heinze money time

Stream Money x Time by Chase Heinze on Artist Sounds. Chase Heinze has been on a rampage, absolutely demolishing each and every song he releases. Now, when you hear the word demolish especially in reference to music you think of a rapper (killing a beat lyrically) but with Chase Heinze he demolishes radio-ready singles. His ability to craft intricate songs and use his voice as an extra instrumental gives his songs that repeat-ability. New fans and listeners have been raving about his music on Apple and Spotify and continue to patronize his latest recordings on Soundcloud (a platform for free-streaming). Despite being pretty early in his career, Chase is no newcomer to his art spending most of his childhood following top musicians and loving a plethora of different genres of music. This passion has made him what he is today and with him being so early in his career its pretty exciting to think where this kid will be at say 2 or 3 years from now. Real music fans love discovering the next big thing while they are still underground and you can rest assured that Chase Heinze will be one of those artists who meet your expectations and doesn't give up when he is close. Stay up to date with new music and upcoming projects from Chase Heinze right here on Artist Sounds.

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