Chase Heinze - Pretty Lady

Pretty Lady by Chase Heinze

Listen to Pretty Lady by Chase Heinze on Artist Sounds. Hailing out of Santa Ana, California Chase Heinze make his debut with his new song Pretty Lady. Chase Heinze is an R&B singer/songwriter with a rough past, but one that encouraged him to find peace in listening to some of the greats like Marvin Gaye and Michael Jackson among others. Little did a young Chase Heinze know that those suddle inspirations would inspire the artist he would become. 

Pretty Lady is the first single by Chase Heinze, originally uploaded to Soundcloud for free streaming. Due to release soon on Itunes, Chase Heinze hasn't taken a break, looking to release his second single in the coming month of February. Chase Heinze is currently releasing music through BTRU Entertainment and set to release an EP sometime in 2016. Pretty Lady has been officially locked in as the debut single for the currently (untitled) upcoming EP.

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