Chief Panda - Due Timing

chief panda due timing cover art

Listen to 'Due Timing' by Chief Panda on Artist Sounds. Chief Panda is a multi-talented rapper/producer who has been recording and making music since the young age of 17. Now just 24 years of age, Chief Panda has been showcasing his talent across the United States and making his music available to virtually anyone by posting his music on top free streaming platforms like Soundcloud. His new song 'Due Timing' is his most recent release (which was also shared on Soundcloud) and continues to rack up streams as a personal favorite from the artist. The song 'Due Timing' is an introspective record that shares Chief Panda's thoughts on his future in the rap game. You can stream new tracks like 'Due Timing' from Chief Panda on his Soundcloud.

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