Chuck The Show - Wholeheartedly

Take a listen to the new album, “Wholeheartedly” by Chuck The Show on Artist Sounds. Emerging Detroit Rapper, Chuck the Show dropped a fresh new album recently entitled “Whole Heartedly” on Spotify his supporters. This body of work is structured very well and you can sense the time and energy that went into the final product. The project in its entirety is cohesive and follows the same theme both sonically and in subject matter throughout its duration. Essentially, Chuck The Show is just another aspiring artist trying to find his way out of his comfort zone and onto the big stage, and hopefully fame. This project offers some great perspectives as Chuck The Show enlightens about his journey so far as an up and coming emcee in the game. This game comes with a lot of ups and downs, and definitely more shortcomings than blessings. If you don’t believe me just tap in and stream this new album by Chuck The Show. Follow Chuck The Show on Spotify to hear more music from the rising emcee. Stream “Wholeheartedly” now by Chuck The Show on Artist Sounds.

Tiana Malonehiphop