Cintron - Get Up

Take a listen to “Get Up” by Cintron on Artist Sounds. Get up and get yourself going with the new single from emerging Hip-Hop artist Cintron. The rising lyricist released a new single entitled “Get Up” via his Spotify account and has received a ton of fan engagement since its release. As an artist, Cintron is the type of guy to keep you as the listener thinking and wondering what he’ll say next. His flow and lyrical content tend to come off as more intellectual while still maintaining a fun and melodic essence to his sound overall. His new single “Get Up” is all about perseverance and understanding that life will always find a way to knock you down. The question is, will you quit or give up when it knocks you down, or get back up and try again. Cintron preaches on this sentiment with passion throughout this record, informing listeners on all the times his life has knocked him down and he was able to push on and find success anyway. Truth is, if you really want something in life, you might have to go through hell to get there…but in the end it should all be worth it. Follow Cintron on Spotify to hear more music from the rising star. He has a very diverse catalog so I’m sure you’ll find something to jam too before the day ends! Listen to “Get Up” by Cintron now on Artist Sounds.

Braxton Harshawhiphop