C. Priest - Live @ Sauna Sounds (Official Video)

Stop what you’re doing and check out this new video “Live @ Sauna Sounds” by C. Priest. C. Priest is a crafty mind blowing hip hop artist from Canton, Ohio making his debut on Artist Sounds.  "Live @ Sauna Sounds" is a live performance of C. Priest's featured single "Beginning To End" from his latest project "Crazy But Conscious".  This song is telling the story of C. Priest and his fight for change.  C. Priest has a style that engages listeners in a way that forces the mind to want to listen.   "Live @ Sauna Sounds" or "Beginning To End" sets a new standard for young hip hop rappers.  Click the link above and follow C. Priest and hear all of the great music this young artist has to offer.