Crush Poe - My Dominicana

crush poe

Check out My Dominicana by Crush Poe on Artist Sounds! Crush Poe is a hip-hop artist from Bronx, New York. This rising contributor to hip-hop culture in the 914 is inspired by a range of musical genres. Looking to infuse hip-hop with a blend of the boom bap era and today's trap-influenced sound, Poe flaunts his individuality to cement his place on playlists of music lovers everywhere. His latest release, My Dominicana, has helped Poe break into the indie market, grabbing the attention of popular internet radio broadcasts and club DJs alike. The song captures listeners with Poe's smooth cadences and wordplay. Give My Dominicana a listen on SoundCloud today, and keep an eye out for more of Crush Poe's work.

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