Daniel Light - For Our Freedom


Stop what you’re doing and stream the song ‘For Our Freedom’ by Daniel Light on Artist Sounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Daniel Light; he is a gifted and talented musician on the rise in Mount Pleasant, SC. This track is about Freedom, Life, and Love. It's about being honest with your emotions and doing what your heart tells you to do, "Do what I want..." This track touches on subjects such as the lifestyle of an artist who is against drugs, someone dedicated to making music for a lifetime but will not let the fame take over their emotions and sense of compassion for others. According to Daniel Light, "This song was written because I was tried of modern society and how people are so quick to judge "different" things. Where has the sense of love and freedom gone? For all the free-hearted souls this is our Anthem!"

Daniel Light is a young, driven and talented soul. He believes in self love, confidence and open minded living. "My goal is to touch as many people as possible on subjects that no one ever really talks about." Light directs his music to all ages because he feels like everyone deserves to feel loved and cared for. Light is against drugs, provocative cursing, and any derogatory context. "The idea is to stay positive and passive. Why spread hate when there is so much already in the world." The young artist took to social media to touch on one of these subjects. He reached out to his fans and asked them all to start a challenge for 2019 called the "#Squashbeefchallenge" , where they reach out to people they have problems with and end all the bickering (Squashing the beef.) This quickly picked up traction but it wasn't enough to go viral. Light had previously gone semi-viral with a video of him dancing to his own song on top of his Jeep in the middle of rush-hour traffic that accumulated about 200,000 views in total, but again, it wasn't enough. Light post regularly on all his social media's making crazy videos, outrageous stunts and mind blowing song previews. With so much drive at such a young age, who knows what's in store for him next!