DaRealKush - Drunken Masters (Freestyle)


Check out Drunken Master (Freestyle) by DaRealKush on Artist Sounds. DaRealKush has been killing the game lately, using popular platforms such as SoundCloud and Youtube to share his latest music online and spread his passion with the masses. HIs new track titled Drunken Master (Freestyle) sounds like something DaRealKush just put out to feed his fanbase for the time being. Not saying it lacked any of the dopeness that the guys usually bring on a record, but this track was not said to be apart of any upcoming projects to our knowledge. Regardless, whether intentional or through creative experimenting, DaRealKush delivered a banger with this one! DaRealKush succeeds in keeping listeners guessing through altering between pop trends and social issues which makes his music very relatable for people from an assortment of different backgrounds and ethnicity. . For more music by DaRealKush, follow him on SoundCloud.

Braxton Harshawrap