Dave Vargo - Battle Burns

With one indie album behind him (2016’s Burning Through) and another full length release deep in progress, Dave Vargo continues to make inroads as a busy gigging musician in and around his home base of Farmingdale, NJ and as an emerging presence in Americana music. The versatile singer/songwriter is the first to admit that while the music comes easily to him, he labors much longer over the lyrics, which he says, “are still a mystery to me.”

He’s always been heartened by Paul McCartney’s story about “Yesterday,” a piece the legendary Beatle called “scrambled eggs” before the perfect words came to him. The struggle comes from an inspiring creative place, though. While he has participated in songwriter circles and performed occasionally in Nashville, the stories he wants to tell are deeper than the usual mainstream country fare of “bars, girls and whiskey.”

“Battle burns” is a heartfelt piece about surviving life’s overwhelming struggles, he cleverly uses the title (as noun and verb) in two different ways in the chorus section. This song served as such a great introduction to his sound for us and we can’t wait to see what’s in store with his new upcoming full length project. It’s going to be an exciting year in 2019 for the talented guitarist. Go get familiar with his latest sounds and past releases today!