DeJuan Turrentine - Red Lipstick

dejuan turrentine

Check out Red Lipstick by DeJuan Turrentine on Artist Sounds! DeJuan Turrentine is an artist based in Pasadena, CA. He is one of those rare artists we always find ourselves drawn to, bobbing our heads to the beat and singing along to every word. A California native and nephew of saxophonist legend Stanley Turrentine, 24-year-old DeJuan has been around music his entire life. While he is a multitalented man with a love for acting, modeling, songwriting, and recording, DeJuan's true passion is for the stage and performing live. He has been entertaining on stage since the age of 4, and knows that's where he is meant to be. Give his new track, Red Lipstick, a listen on SoundCloud today, and keep an eye out for more of DeJuan Turrentine's work.

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