Dez Nado wants you to "Shoot Ya Shot" in new Music Video

Stop what you’re doing and check out the latest music video from Dez Nado for his single “Shoot Ya Shot” featuring G-Slim Da Vet on Artist Sounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Dez Nado; he is a talented recording artist on the rise in Jacksonville, FL. He released the #ShootYaShot LP in March which contains new music and unreleased music from Dez Nado. The album has earned 135,000+ streams since its release in March, and the next project from Dez will be the #LPYH90sTape, a 1990s-inspired full mixtape with songs inspired by music and trends from the 90s. The most recent mixtape, #FLAsFinest6, Florida's Finest 6, hosted by Dez, features new releases from Dez and new music from some of the hottest indie and major artists in Florida where Dez is from-- Dez will be performing July 4th weekend in Atlanta at the Indie Mega Fest, Jamaica Dream Weekend in Negril, Jax Summer Fest weekend in his hometown (a yearly event he coordinates and performs at, giving local brands and artists a platform to showcase on his TV series and in person to local supporters) and #BETAwards #BETX Weekend 2019 where he will be partnering with the network as an independent media affiliate. Don’t sleep on this song or this artist. We can’t wait to see where this video ends up among our top music videos by independent artist on the rise. You can vote for this music video by sharing this post, allowing the video to climb our charts for top music videos.