DoLo $ensei - M.I.A.

dolo $ensei

Check out M.I.A by DoLo $ensei on Artist Sounds! Dolo $ensei is a rapper based in Decatur, Georgia. Self-identifying as the shy creative type, Dolo grew up hearing rap music from older family members. When his family moved away from their hometown, Dolo found an outlet for his emotions through his music. He created a music group called Rotation Love with some fellow friends and artists, and ever since then they have been making a name for themselves on the local music scene. Dolo's latest track, M.I.A., is carefree and dark in equal parts, exposing Dolo's ambition and desire to break out of the local music community. Give it a listen on SoundCloud and keep an eye out for more of Dolo $ensei's work.

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