Don Heit - The Ear Infection

Check out “The Ear Infection, by Don Heit on Artist Sounds. Don Heit laid low in 2018, but decided to breakout in 2019 with a bang! His full-length album entitled “The Ear Infection” was originally dropped some years ago on Spotify, but this body of work has really had his fans talking as of late. It’s never been a question of whether or not Don Heit has had bars or the ability to make good music. We’ve just never been able to see what type of complete artist he can be, due to the fact he’s been waiting to perfect his craft. He brings all the flavor and charisma on this project in order to not only express who he is as an artist, but he also validates the fact that he can craft hit records on a consistent basis. Don Heit at this point of the game is one of the few artists still keeping the true essence of Hip-Hop alive. He speaks truth, offers wisdom, and most importantly, makes it all sound good in a Hip-Hop format. Follow Don Heit on Spotify if you want to stream the album or hear more music from the up and comer. Listen to “The Ear Infection” by Don Heit now on Artist Sounds.

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