Dre Mims - Way Away


Dre Mims is and upcoming artist from Arizona who is now residing and creating music in Los Angeles. He moved out there and made a name as a duo with Devin Scott called Private Party, now turned into a collective as they decided to work on some solo music as well. With a lot of new content about ready to be released, Dre Mims debuts his first single as a solo artist titled 'Way Away'. As his first solo single, Dre Mims debuts his new track titled 'Way Away' expressing his whole hearted vision for him and his team. Written by Dre himself and produced by Roca Beats, this song will pull you into the mind and energy of an artist who won't stop until he gets what's his. Join the mission by connecting with Dre Mims on Soundcloud.

Artist Soundshiphop, rap