f0ur - i won't be fine

Stop what you’re doing and check out the song ‘I Won’t Be Fine’ by F0ur on Artist Sounds. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this recording artist he is an Alternative Rock performer who wanted to highlight mental illness in this conscious new record of his. According to the artist: I've been through a lot, and i'm sure i'll go through much more. I've struggled with depression my entire life, and anxiety my entire adult life. I've seen instability at home, waited up all night to hear if my best friend was still alive (in Afghanistan), dropped out of college, and gone back. i managed to overcome severe depression with minimal prescription use (now discontinued), and have made a return to music (under a pseudonym) now that I am healthy again, hoping to tell my story and improve the lives of people like me. Don't sleep on this song or this artist. Be sure to follow him if you enjoy his music on SoundCloud.