Farah Washington - LMK

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Take a listen to the song 'LMK', by singer/songwriter Farah Washington on Artist Sounds. Farah Washington is a recording artist on the rise out of Corona, CA. The song 'LMK' is about a woman reminiscing about a moment she had with a past lover whom she didn't let them know how they felt until they heard the song she wrote. Its basically saying let me know how you feel and I'll let you know how I feel. Farah is now 21 years old  & she is back on the scene after having her baby boy, Kemet. She released "XELF" which was a very successful release and followed it up with single's such as "LIT" "LOVE" & her self titled single "XELF". She just dropped her newest video "LOVE" on Youtube and she will be following up with a couple of others very quickly. She is constantly working to put out more singles and a future project by the end of the year. Stay up to date with this artist by connecting with her on Soundcloud.

Artist Soundsrnb/soul