Ferentz and The Felons - Hudson County

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Take a listen to the song “Hudson County” by Ferentz and The Felons on Artist Sounds. Ferentz and The Felons is a contemporary rock band based out of Hudson County, NJ. Their music is different from many rock bands you may have heard being that you'll find a hint of folk, a touch of blues, all tied together with an urban twist in each of their songs. The band is fronted by Zak Ferentz, who is also the singer, guitarist, and songwriter, followed by Drummer Matt Waz, Bassist Rob Dudziak and Lead Guitarist Rich Catalano. Each of their songs revolve around issues and emotions that will reach out to every individual who has ever questioned this society we live in, who has gone through struggle and broke free, or are still pursuing that freedom. Raised in the projects of Hudson County, NJ, Zak has seen it all. His life at home was no piece of cake, being that he watched his mother and father succumb to drug addiction. Money was tight, and for the most case nonexistent. This resulted in Zak needing to grow up earlier than most, hustling every day to remain afloat. His home life was broken and full of struggle, and the streets he found himself resorting to were even worse. After falling victim to his situation, Zak realized a change needed to be made and used everything he went through as fuel towards his passion of songwriting. Here more music by the band on SoundCloud.