Fla$hBang304 drops a new song called "24" on SoundCloud


Stop what you’re doing and stream the new single release from Fla$hBang304 called “24”. There isn’t much you can say to Fla$hBang304 considering what he’s been through. About a month ago he lost his brother and ever since he hasn’t been feeling a sense of being alone and wishes he could go back to the times when his brother was here so he could tell him he loves him one more time. One of the many things we like about this artist is his ability to be real on a track. He doesn’t worry about trying to fit in to a rhyming scheme or sound cool. He says what he wants and fits it in to the beat without taking away from the words. You can hear the emotion in this record and its too good to pass up. If you have ever lost someone in your life we highly encourage you to throw this on repeat and hopefully it will bring some light to your day! Much love to Fla$hBang304 <3