FlashBang304 - Day Dream (Ft. Graemez)

Stop what you’re doing and stream the song “Day Dream” by FlashBang304 (ft. Graemez) on Artist Sounds. FlashBang304 is back with a brand new cross-over jam that blends both R&B and Hip Hop in a way that will make this song a force to be reckoned with. The song boasts a mixture of a chill vibe that also has an element that will uplift you. The combination of the lyrics and the artists vocals really carry this record through and we can’t say enough about how catchy it is. FlashBang304 has come along way and ever since the passing of his brother, he has been trying to give everything he’s got for this music and as if he has a guardian angel guiding him — he continues to get better making his destiny that much more clear. We are really rooting for this guy and we hope that ‘Day Dream’ will be the standout record for FlashBang304 that we know it’s capable of being. Don’t sleep. You can help this song reach our top charts by simply ‘liking and sharing’ this post!