Flashbang304 - E M B E R

Take a listen to the song ‘E M B E R’ by FlashBang304 on Artist Sounds. FlashBang304 makes his first appearance on Artist Sounds with a trendy new Hip Hop record worth that second listen. FlashBang304 is a unique artist who can literally rap about anything. He puts some really clever and new bars we have never heard in this record and we loved the fresh and originality he brought to it. His sound is really honest and he makes music based on things he has either been through or seen personally. He’s not here to be a puppet, he wants to stand out and be his own man as he has always been. That’s what has gotten him this far and he is going to stick to his guns at this point. This record has a lot of potential and only time will tell where it ends up in our top charts!