FlashBang304 - FACTS

Take a listen to the new single “FACTS” by FlashBang304 on Artist Sounds. If you haven’t noticed by now, up and coming Hip-Hop artist FlashBang304 is one of the most consistent emcees in the underground community right now. He has crafted a formula of releasing new music weekly, and sometimes daily on popular platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud. He most recently put out a new track via Spotify entitled “FACTS” for his fans to check out and provide feedback. Though FlashBang304 has proven his versatility time and time again, his new single carries a more traditional Hip-Hop sound than his previous releases. FlashBang304 provides the flow and the drip on this song however as he professes to his audiences and gives them not only the facts, but also his truth. It has been the charisma and authenticity of FlashBang304 that has carried him into 2019 with such heavy momentum and fan anticipation. His consistency and work ethic are beginning to accrue a solid following and his name is definitely ringing bells more than it was 2-6 months ago. If FlashBang304 stays on this track, the sky is truly the limit for the rising emcee. Follow FlashBang304 on Spotify to hear more sounds from his catalog. Listen to “FACTS” by FlashBang304 now on Artist Sounds.