FlashBang304 - Practice

Stream “Practice” by FlashBang304 now on Artist Sounds. FlashBang304 has been the most consistent artist within our network for as long as I can remember…literally! This dude drops more music than Future, and I have the upmost respect for the Atlanta legend but its the truth. FlashBang304 is a melodic and lyrical emcee that has been trailblazing the internet since mid-2017, blessings fans with deep and relatable content that inspires and enlightens those who choose to tap into his experience. He provides a humble yet confident perspective to the Hip-Hop game and has the skills to back up his talk. His new single “Practice” dropped on Spotify here recently and has been a subtle game changer for the emcee as he’s seen an immediate spark in fan engagement and response. If one thing is for certain, every artist feels like the next song they release is going to be a hit. It’s that confidence that fans admire in the beginning, but in the end it is still those same fans who dictate how far a song goes. That in addition to the type of promotional push the artist is able to formulate for the record are the two components to reaching that ultimate level of musical success. FlashBang uses his new single “Practice” as a moment to display his lyrical exercise and provide new flames for those who will listen. Follow FlashBang304 on Spotify if you’d like to hear more music from the rising emcee. Stream “Practice” now by FlashBang304 on Artist Sounds.