FlashBang304 - $low Motion

Take a listen to “$low Motion” by FlashBang304 on Artist Sounds. FlashBang304 decides to double up this week and follow up the release of his new single “Practice” with another jam entitled “$low Motion”. This joint is like a cool summer breeze - that’s exactly the ambiance and atmosphere it creates in your mind when you turn it on. FlashBang304 uses his savvy Rap flow to accompany the jazzy yet moody Hip-Hop instrumental. He rides the beat like a maestro as he paints the picture of what a night riding through his town would be like, offering his perspective on hustle and ambition through his verses. Not many make it where he’s from apparently, but he feels he has what it takes to be one of the few. This is the perfect song to throw on whenever you find yourself in the mood to vibe on your lonesome and do some free-thinking. Follow FlashBang304 on Spotify to hear more of his jams. Stream “$low Motion” now on Artist Sounds.